What is the size of the project?

Approximately 26,000 acres of land has been secured in this location, of which approximately 3,200 acres will have solar development. Panels will serve as shade for grazing sheep and collect moisture for plant growth under and around the solar collection system.

Where is the Panoche Valley?

The project is located in the Central Valley near Highway 5 and in Panoche Valley within San Benito County, near a major transmission line. The site is in a micro-climate which the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) confirms to have high solar radiation and optimal conditions for photovoltaics.

Where are the transmission lines?

The transmission line connecting the Moss landing power station with the Central Valley, runs directly through the property.

What is the demand for this renewable energy projected by this project?

The State of California has increased its Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), the allotment of energy required to be produced from renewable sources, from 20% to 33% by 2020. The dramatic increase has created a large demand for renewable energy projects that are scalable to meet significantly higher mandated demand.